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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

expert advice: get lush lashes, from CA dermatologist Lorrie Klein

We apply eyebrow pencil to make our brows look fuller but what can we do for sparse lashes? You know, the kind you can barely see in the mirror? Sure, there are different types of mascara designed to lengthen and volumize. But if you want a more permanent solution, check out the Latisse procedure from Dr. Lorrie Klein, Laguna Niguel, CA dermatologist and contributor. It scored 90% on Real Self's Worth It Index.

Here, Dr. Klein shares her experiences with the treatment. Read on, then bat away!

Prettyisprettydoes: What is the Latisse procedure? How is it done?
Lorrie Klein: "
Latisse is a prescription product that's applied topically to the eyelid, along the eyelashes, to enhance eyelash growth. It is used once daily for three to four months until the desired length or fullness is achieved, and can then be used every other day for maintenance."

PIPD: Who are the best candidates? Is there anyone who shouldn't try it?
LK: "
The best candidates are people with thin, short and/or sparse eyelashes who desire longer, thicker, fuller lashes. People with a known sensitivity to bimatoprost should not use it."

PIPD: What are the pros and cons of the treatment?
LK: "The pros: You can easily use it at home in about 30 seconds a day. In my experience, it works on everyone. It gives women longer, thicker lashes. The cons: It must be applied daily and then at least three times a week during maintenance or lashes eventually will go back to their original state. It can be costly for some, although if used with a different, finer, reusable brush, one vial can last up to six months once on maintenance.

PIPD: What are the side effects of the drug?
"Some have skin irritation. The eyes can also get irritated, but if used carefully it should only be getting into the eye minimally. Other side effects have never been proven to occur from Latisse, to my knowledge."

PIPD: How long do the results last?
"Indefinitely, as long as it is used at least three times per week. If use is discontinued, lashes return to their pre-treated state in several weeks."

PIPD: Does this mean you don't have to use mascara ever again?
"If you are using mascara to lengthen, darken or thicken your lashes and you can achieve that with Latisse, then you won’t need mascara. But while everyone has lash lengthening, and many have thickening, not everyone has darkening. Mine, for example, are light brown and don’t show unless I wear mascara, even though they are very long now."

PIPD: Is there a memorable patient's reaction or story about someone who underwent the procedure that you could share?
"I have had several patients whose lashes got so long, the goggles we put over their eyes to protect them during laser treatments wouldn’t stay on. The lashes were literally pushing the goggles off their eyes!"

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