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Saturday, September 10, 2011

fashion week: mediterranean blues

Good news for all of us green-eyes girls: To accentuate the greens, blues and charcoals of the Nicholas K spring collection, Lindsay Ebbins, national makeup director for Red Door Spas created soft makeup looks featuring accents of peach, coral and cream, Cheekss are refined with bronze and gold shades (Try Nars Orgasm Blush for a pinky-peach flush with subtle highlights and accents of golden shimmer).

To get the look, Ebbins used a ceramide plumping foundation, pure finish mineral powder to create a soft ethereal feeling. For a contoured effect, he applied bronzer to lids, lower lashline (using a wet shadow brush) and cheeks and vanilla shadow below the browbone and on the inner corners. A thickening mascara on eyes created very dense lashes and really made them pop and a slick of LipFix on lips kept them completely nude and matter for a downtown chic palette.

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fashion week: men in makeup

We women don't always have it easy: think childbirth, monthly pms, bad hair days. But one thing we can be grateful for is the right to wear makeup to improve and enhance our looks. I always thought it unfair that, for the most part, it isn't acceptable for men to partake in these makeup touch-ups to help boost their self confidence. Except maybe for big-time rock stars or your local hairdresser, you never see a man with a makeup brush in hand.

According to Lindsay Ebbin, National Makeup Director for Red Door Spas, times are changing. He gave the models at the Nicholas K show a classic GQ look.

"It's a great natural base for all skin types," says Ebbin. "My goal is to clean up the look, moisturize the skin and accent the eyes."

He says many men who work at computers all day long need eye cream and are looking to use concealers so they don't look tired all the time. He used a light moisturizer to hydrate skin, a natural, lightweight base to even out their skin tone, and a touch of concealer under their eyes to revive them.

Says Ebbin, "They want healthy looking skin so they can embrace their inner self."

While I'm no more ready to share my makeup brushes with my husband than he is ready to borrow them, I hope those guys who dare to try it reap the benefits.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


New York Fashion Week.
Let the shows begin!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion's Night Out: Warren-Tricomi and Violent Lips

Warren-Tricomi Salon at The Plaza presents an evening of fashion-forward beauty with Violent Lips. Guests will be treated to complimentary Violent Lip temporary lip tattoo application, makeup touchups and trend-setting fall hair how-tos courtesy of the Warren-Tricomi beauty experts.

I'm not one to promote violence but you've got to try these Violent Lip temporary tattoos, available at Lester's and now as part of a special event at Warren-Tricomi salon for Fashion's Night Out. They come in snakeskin (shown here), rainbow, leopard and fishnet--how can you resist? Pair that with an amazing hair style and makeup application from the Warren-Tricomi expert styling team. On the fence? I trusted them to do my wedding hair and makeup, and was thrilled!

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