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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Trends, as reported by celebrity stylist Susan Redstone on KDFW Fox Good Day Dallas

Spring is here and some of the latest beauty trends will make you grateful the weather is looking brighter. Celebrity stylist Susan Redstone shares her favorite spring trends, as she did on the set of FOX Good Day Dallas. Read on and get ready to get beautiful...

The hot nail colors for spring are fresh, bold and fun to wear. Thanks to the talented podiatrists behind Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish, this season we can indulge in some pretty amazing shades that are free of formaldehyde and toxins found in most commercial nail polish and look great too. Try "Grateful Grape", "Hopeful Hot Pink", or "Youthful Yellow" and prepare to wow them with your new look. $17 each, at

When warmer weather comes along, the last thing you want is to feel a heavy layer of foundation on your face. New scientifically advanced Dream Nude AirFoam Foundation from Maybelline is a remarkably ultra-lightweight formula. The refined pigments are pre-dispersed in the air for effortless application and 100% nude perfection. Plus, it has SPF 16, doesn't clog pores and is great for any skin tone. All 12 shades are available at and drugstores nationwide, for $10.99..

Puristics Totally Ageless "Advanced Skin Rejuvenating Lotion" has no added preservatives at any stage. That means no dyes and no fragrances. It replenishes your skin while delivering good-for-you ingredients. What else would you want to put on your skin? Available at drugstores nationwide for $19.99.

When it comes to saving money by buying the basics, it's a no-brainer. Choose trusted brands like Vaseline to give you great quality at an amazing value. Vaseline Total Moisture is lotion that feels good and works to moisturize and soften your skin. Enriched with oats, aloe, cocoa and other natural scents, you can use it liberally because you're not paying an arm and a leg. Only $3.99 at a drugstore near you.

Lush lashes are envied by all women but for some, difficult to achieve. Rapidlash is an over-the-counter lash growth serum that grows your natural lashes to new lengths in 30 days. All you need is one bottle--$49.99 at

Head into spring and summer making eye contact every chance you get. NYX Cosmetics Boudoir Mascara Collection features seven different kinds of mascara, all designed to give your personal lashes the attention they deserve. Pick up your favorite formula at Ulta Stores for only $6 each.