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After two decades of covering the beauty industry, I've come to learn what makes it so alluring. Finding the perfect shade of makeup to match your skin tone, adding a swipe of eyeliner to give your tired eyes a lift, discovering an innovative new product line, or indulging in a totally luxurious spa treatment. My experiences have been documented in magazines, newspapers and websites worldwide. I've tested newly formulated products in the lab, explored hair removal options, shopped for lipstick, added shine to my hair and succumbed to massage marathons--all in the name of beauty. I've written press releases, hosted makeover events and co-authored a Do-It-Yourself Beauty book (Alloy). On this blog, I write about products and services that I come across every day as well as those that have been provided by publicists or the companies that make them. Either way, I write what I think. I hope to share some of my insights--and bring you the latest, greatest beauty news right here. Join me in the quest to find all things pretty.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer must-haves: don't leave home without elemental herbs

If this past holiday weekend is any indication, it's going to be a hot summer. Before you jet-set to your beach house or a rooftop party in the city, be sure to pack the Elemental Herbs line of all natural herbal-based products.

Shelter your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with Elemental Herbs all natural Sunscreen Sport, a chemical-free, zinc oxide sunscreen offering broad UCA/UVB protection. It comes in a mini tube so you can throw it into your purse for sun protection anytime. Just smooth it on your skin and it sinks right in to create the protective barrier you need. Sunscreen Sport™ is available in Sport SPF 20 and Tinted SPF 22, and also comes in a children’s formula - Kids SPF 20 ($8.99 for one-ounce and $19.39 for three-ounce bottles).

Protect and nourish your lips with Elemental Herbs’ All Good Lips ($3.50). This all natural lip balm will keep your lips healthy and moisturized with organic healing herbs and 100% essential oils. It feels super smooth going on and, with an SPF of 12, offers more than 90% coverage from the sun’s harmful rays. Available in original, sweet tangerine and cool spearmint flavors, and in a non-SPF moisturizing-only formula.

Pamper yourself with All Good Goop, a skin-healing balm made from botanicals and herbs. It's the cure all for every skin condition. I keep it in my bag because you never know what skin issues may arise--a paper cut, chapped lips, a sunburn, etc. ($8.50 for one-ounce and $13.50 for two-ounce jars).

To purchase product or get more info, go to

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

have you heard the crazy rumor going around?

The Crazy Rumor is: There's a yummy, organic lip balm in tons of fun flavors that you have to try!

When Edie and Brian Himmel set out to create the best all natural and vegan lip balm in the world--they weren't joking! Made from the purest, natural, certified organic ingredients (no synthetics) like moisturizing organic shea butter and jojoba oil in deliciously fun flavors, Crazy Rumors lip balms ($3.49 each) make your lips feel super smooth and the scents are heavenly!

One slick on Bubble Gum will take you back to those bubble-gum-from-the-gum-machine days. Fortunately, this lip balm lasts longer than your bubble gum ever did. It comes in Berry Bubble and Mint Bubble along with the original Gumball. But there are other fun collections to try too. Look for A La Mode, Soda Pop, Candy Cane and Fresh Squeezed (includes thirst-quenching flavors like Orange Juice, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Lemonade and Limeade). There's even a Mystery Flavor that keeps you guessing!

To celebrate the warmer weather, Crazy Rumors is offering 15% off with the coupon code “FRESH". Spread the word--this offer is good until June 15th 2011. Go to to purchase.