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After two decades of covering the beauty industry, I've come to learn what makes it so alluring. Finding the perfect shade of makeup to match your skin tone, adding a swipe of eyeliner to give your tired eyes a lift, discovering an innovative new product line, or indulging in a totally luxurious spa treatment. My experiences have been documented in magazines, newspapers and websites worldwide. I've tested newly formulated products in the lab, explored hair removal options, shopped for lipstick, added shine to my hair and succumbed to massage marathons--all in the name of beauty. I've written press releases, hosted makeover events and co-authored a Do-It-Yourself Beauty book (Alloy). On this blog, I write about products and services that I come across every day as well as those that have been provided by publicists or the companies that make them. Either way, I write what I think. I hope to share some of my insights--and bring you the latest, greatest beauty news right here. Join me in the quest to find all things pretty.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day: keep it simple

I don't know about you guys but whenever I've had a long day and just need to crash, the last thing I can think about is skincare. I mean, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, etc... I just want to fall into bed and catch some zzz's. Which, of course, is no frame of mind to be in when it comes to protecting your skin. Leave it to Envision Beauty to come up with a solution, which is exactly what it's appropriately called. The Solution ($74) is an advanced anti-aging complex designed to restore, perfect and protect. It's a combination day cream, night cream, makeup primer and anti-aging cream in one (how convenient!) Packed with goji berry, acai, grapeseed and vitamins (A, B5, C and E), it smooths on easily and feels like a great base on your skin. But that's not all. THe Solution promises to reduce wrinkle density and the appearance of fine lines, and improve collagen production to promote healthy, radiant skin for all skin types. Founder Kimberly Snyder is not only trying to simplify your life, she's also on a mission to help others. At least 10% of the profits from Envision Beauty go to Project Concern International, a charity that focuses on sustainable, humanitarian projects around the world. So click on to order The Solution today. Make it an Earth Day gift to yourself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

happy earth day: get fresh

Be a natural this Earth Day and join the quest by Fresh to promote all natural ingredients. The company's Get More, Give More Earth Day special aims to create awareness for ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, rose, soy, sugar and Umbrian clay. At the 15 Fresh stores nationwide, customers can see, feel and touch these ingredients and learn about their beneficial properties at specially constructed ingredient bars. You'll also receive a 20% discount on some of these iconic items when you make a purchase. What's more, Fresh will donate 10% of the day's in-store and online profits to The Climate Group, an international, non-profit organization that creates eco-conscious initiatives to ensure a low-carbon, prosperous future. Try the Brown Sugar Body Polish ($65), made of all natural brown sugar crystals, designed to maintain moisture while buffing away dry skin cells, and new Soy Face Cream with rose water and cucumber extract. Go to to stock up now and make a difference.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy earth day: i heart tarte

If you care one iota about the planet we live on, go on a Tarte shopping spree this month. This eco-chic company, founded by beauty addict Maureen Kelly in 1999, serves up endless healthy, nourishing beauty products packed with skinvigorating ingredients. They are 100% paraben, petro-chemical, phthtalate, sulfate, and synthetic fragrance-free and come in recyclable packages that help reduce environmental waste. For starters, try the Tarte Be Good To Your Mother (Earth) limited edition set ($35) featuring three 24.7 natural lip sheers, appropriately called reduce (shimmery coral), reuse (pink) and recycle (nude) plus a reusable natural cotton tote. They feel velvety soft, offer just a hint of color, contain SPF 15 and come in post-consumer recycled aluminum. Another award-winning option: Tarte Natural Cheek Stain ($28), made of natural mineral pigments. This perfectly swirled solid cheek color glides on ever-so-smoothly, provides antioxidants to keep your skin looking its best and gives you a subtle blush of color. You have 15-20 seconds to blend it into your skin to achieve perfect color placement. Julianne Moore and Ellen Pompeo are fans. Tarte's Rise & Shine Lip Stain and Lip-Enhancing Gloss ($21) is one of my favorite products (one of Katherine Heigl's too!). The gel-based tint adds a decent amount of color (I tried mauve) and the gloss really makes it look natural while adding a healthy dose of shine. To join the crusade in protecting the environment, go to and shop Tarte today!