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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

holiday gift guide: give Ouidad

The perfect gift for the stylista in your life: Ouidad's Classic Curls Kit. For friends who spend hours and hours trying to create hairstyles for their curly hair but don't have time or cash to get to a professional hair salon, the Classic Curls Kit lets them create brand new hairstyles every time they use it. And since it was developed by Ouidad, the queen of curly hair, herself, it has everything you'll need to do your curls justice this holiday season. What's inside: Ouidad's best sellers at a remarkably discounted price. The Celebrate Classic Curls Kit ($35; a $46 value) includes: Clear & Gentle Essential Daily Shampoo (2.5oz), Balancing Rinse Essential Daily Conditioner (2.5oz), Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (2.5oz), Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray (2.5oz), 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Repair (2.5oz), a wide-tooth detangling comb and Ouidad’s How-to Guide to Effortless Curls. Visit for a complete list of all 2009 holiday kits.

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