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Sunday, February 12, 2012

get smooth, young, radiant looking skin this vday, with Algenist

When it comes to skincare, we're always hoping for a major discovery that will give us back the skin of our youth. That's why Alegenist products are somewhat of a miracle.

What started as a renewable energy project in San Francisco has turned into an unexpected discovery. Algenist comes from a team of scientists who were studying microalgae-based energy solutions when they uncovered alguronic acid, a powerful compound with never-before-seen potential for younger-looking skin. Algenist focuses on the ability of effective, bioactive ingredients to deliver visible anti-aging results to the skin.

Combining advanced biotechnology expertise, the regenerative power of Alguronic Acid, and targeted skin bioactives in every formula, Algenist anti-aging products correct, enhance, and protect the skin.

Algenist works by increasing cellular regeneration to slow and repair signs of aging. Stimulating skin cell regeneration, eliminating old, damaged cells and promoting the growth of new, vital skin cells, produces noticeable improvements in skin texture and appearance.

Firming & Lifting Cream ($94 for 2 US fl. oz.), an ultra-firming and restructuring cream tightens and lifts while reinforcing the skin structure. The unique combination of Alguronic Acid + ProPeptide3 boosts production of skin's key structural proteins: elastin, collagen, and proteoglycans to rebuild firmness and tone the skin. Facial contours are redefined to create a more toned and sculpted appearance...which means you'll get your cheeks back, lose a couple of chins and see your entire face look smoother and more radiant.

Firming & Lifting Eye Gel ($68 .5 US fl oz), a lightweight, refreshing gel, combines Alguronic Acid + ProPeptide3 to stimulate synthesis of skin’s key structural proteins, rebuilding skin density while firming, tightening and lifting the delicate skin around the eyes. Eye contours are redefined revealing a recharged and youthful you can say goodbye to fine lines and not-so-fine ones too. If you're planning on making eyes with someone this Valentine's Day, use this eye gel first.

Firming & Lifting Intensive Mask ($52 2.7 US fl oz.), a unique gel mask, restores skin elasticity, structure and suppleness. Alguronic Acid + ProPeptide3 promotes elastin, collagen and proteoglycan production to help reduce the effects of aging and gravity on the skin. It feels surprisingly lightweight on your skin and seems to tighten without making your face feel like it's about to crack off. Skin appears immediately firm, toned and sculpted so you feel good about your skin after just one use.

Algenist products are available at Sephora and QVC. For more info, go to

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