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Sunday, April 4, 2010

expert advice: brush up on your brush basics

We all do it, usually every day. But sometimes little things like brushing your hair can become so routine, we may forget the basics. TRESemmé celebrity stylist Mara Roszak helps us brush up.

PIPD: Why is it important to brush your hair?

MR: "It is important to brush your hair because everyday we shed a certain amount of hair naturally and if your hair isn't being brushed daily, some of that hair gets locked into the other hair and causes knots and tangles. It’s best to brush hair when it’s wet in or out of the shower to cause less breakage."

PIPD: How often should you brush?

MR: "Daily in the shower, preferably with conditioner to prevent breakage. Brushing dry hair can cause damage and breakage. Always brush starting at the ends and work your way up."

PIPD: How do you choose the brush that's right for you?

MR: "I always recommend metal brushes or brushes without the balls on the ends of the bristles, which can damage hair."

PIPD: What's the best way to clean your brush?

MR: "Clean your brush with a wide tooth comb by scraping it at the base of the brush."

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