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Monday, June 1, 2009

a healthy diet for your skin

The next time you head for the salad bar, shake some salt on your dinner or pass on the onions, keep this advice from Kimberly Snyder in mind. Not only has she created an innovative product line called Envision to provide cutting edge skin care but she knows how to treat skin from the inside out. Here, she shares five simple tips to great looking skin through healthy eating. Bon appetit!

1. Max out on raw greens. The living enzymes in uncooked greens and vegetables assist digestion, detoxification and rebuilding, thus free up enzymes that can be used on repairing and rebuilding your skin. But these valuable enzymes, proteins and vitamins can be destroyed when they're heated up so you don't get the same benefits when you cook them. Sp pack as many green salads, veggies, sprouts and herbs into your diet as you can. Try my favorite Green Smoothie recipe on
2. Switch to Celtic sea salt. Its sun-dried so its 70 minerals, trace elements, enzymes and marine microorganisms stay intact. Other salts are kiln-dried which allows valuable minerals and other nutrients to evaporate. Normal table salt is the worst of all, as it is composed of irradiated and denatured sodium chloride. It has no nutritional benefit and depletes skin of its natural hydration. 3. Eat more onions! It has a considerable amount of sulfur to cleanse skin and liver, and rebuild connective tissues like collagen. Onions are also a good source of usable quercetin which helps eliminate free radicals, protect and regenerate crucial vitamin E and decrease capillary fragility. 4. Add sea vegetables to your diet. They're 12 times richer in minerals than average vegetables and a good source of iodine which helps regulate metabolism, iron, B6, B12, magnesium, which opens up about 300 different pathways of detoxification. Throw dulse, hijiki and arame in salads or make nori wraps stuffed with salad (all available at your local health food store). 5. Snack on figs. They're an excellent blood purifier. Blood transports nutrients to the cells throughout the body and face, so the cleaner the blood, the more beautiful your skin. Pus, the tiny seeds in figs are packed with nutrients and draw out and dissolve waste, mucus and toxins from the intestinal tract.

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